Inventory Control


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Legend inventory control module gives you the power to properly manage large inventories properly. It is integrated with all other modules to allow full visibility of your inventory and increase customer satisfaction.

Key Features Include:

  • An unlimited number of parts may be added to the system, each supporting an unlimited number of branches or companies Inventory items have virtually an infinite number of search keys, interchanges, vendor and/or customer part numbers. Each part contains multiple inventories including new, warranty/defective, core, truck, consignment, and test & re-box.
  • Parts Kits, assemblies and bill of material may be created with multi-level components.
  • 24 months of comparative sales and transfer usage figures are kept for every part on the system. This includes sales, returns, warranty returns, core purchases, core returns, number of picks, and lost sales data. Customer sales and inter-store transfer usage figures are saved separately for precise information tracking.
  • 15 Selling Price/ Cost Levels, including 4 decimal place pricing and automatically calculated Average and/or Landed Costs, and 5 Core Price/Cost Levels are available on every part.
  • Notes can be entered for display in Sales Orders, Purchasing, or Inter-store Transfers and can be printed on specific documents.
  • Inventory Ranking can be generated at any time based on Units or Dollars Sold or Number of Picks (to the Shelf) by Company, Product Line, or Class/Category of parts.
  • Related Sales feature automatically suggests other items to sell with specific part numbers.
  • Special Inventory Company feature allows multiple locations to share one inventory. This is especially handy for handling stores or showrooms within a warehouse.
  • The Physical Inventory/Cycle Count System allows either a cycle count or physical inventory to be taken at any time. Inventory is counted and adjusted by page for quick entry of any on-hand adjustments. This system is also fully integrated with hand held scanners for easy inventory counting and adjustments.
  • Hand-held Scanning system allows for inventory receiving, counting, picking and shipping of inventory itemLabel printing system allows printing of bar code labels for any inventory items including during the receiving process.