Customer Order Processing


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Legend helps streamline your entire order process. Sales representatives can easily convert quotes into orders and then can track the order each step of the way. Order processing allows multiple business units to utilize all of the features of the system to produce orders. Whether you’re a mail order, wholesale or retail organization, this system supports all your needs and increase customer satisfaction

Key features include:

  • Quoting system allows entry of sales quotations. Any quotation can be easily converted to orders at any time.
  • Orders may be entered as cash or on-account. On account invoices automatically credit controlled via credit limits or past due lmitations. Orders may be printed, faxed, or emailed at any time.
  • Return Authorizations can be entered as tracking numbers for customer returns. They can be finalized as credit memos once the inventory has been checked in and the status of the parts determined.
  • Work orders are supported for those customer who enter repair orders.
  • Drop Ships allow you to drop ship inventory directly from your supplier to your customer. You can automatically print, fax, or EDI the P/O to the vendor, with the Ship-To information for the customer.
  • Integration with both UPS Worldship and Fedex shipping provide an integrated method of shipping and tracking products. Once the order has been shipped, each order may be easily tracked with a simple key stroke.
  • Integrations with our credit card module allows automatic verification of credit card transactions. Optional signature capture machines are support for retail environments.
  • Sales representatives have easy access to all of your organizations inventory.
  • Various features allows for easy transfer and shipping of inventory to fulfill the customers needs. If you find you are out of stock, items may be easily special ordered with a few key strokes.
  • Powerful pricing options are provided allowing you to define many different sales structures. These include customer sales matrixes, volume discounts, quantity break pricing, advertising and sales flyer pricing.
  • A full back order and tracking system allows for proper handing of out of stock items.
  • For retail environments needing dedicated cashier stations, the Cashier system provides integrated cashier/cash register stations.
  • Integration with the Web Portal allows customers to utilize the internet to track and place orders.