NexJen's Professional Services

Business Consulting

NexJen offers on-site and telephone consulting services to assist you in developing innovative practices to maximize the benefits of NexJen’s applications. We will work diligently to understand your company's business architecture to effectively streamline your business processes and increase productivity.

Custom Development Services

Custom Development Services are available to customers that require a business solution not fully encompassed in our current suite of products. When your business requires a custom solution, we will utilize our Business Consulting and Development teams to create a solution just for your business. Projects are initially specked out to ensure accuracy and feasibility. Each solution is then fully integrated into the NexJen suite of products.

Data Conversion

Data Conversion services helps you transition your old application data to your new system. We offer services to extract data from your legacy system, structure data into proper import formats, and finally import it into the NexJen application.