Quotes from NexJen's Customers

Centric Parts

Centric Parts is now operating in its 6th year. The company has grown to nearly $100 million in annual sales in that time. Has expanded to multiple distribution and manufacturing locations and services some 400 distributors.

All of this was accomplished with NexJen's product: the Legend ERP solution and the Data Warehouse.

Some of the key components of the Legend package that initially attracted us and have proven to be reliable and key parts of the overall system include:

  • Live Core Banking and flexible core processing options: Keeps core liabilities at a minimum and restricts a customer's ability to pay his bill with cores.
  • On Demand Sales/Product/Customer Data: Nothing I have seen gives the user the ability to query the live data in seconds and drill down to product line and class WITHOUT running time consuming reports. In a nutshell, the data can be selected to show virtually anything requested.
  • Ability to UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD data: This is a great feature of the system, allowing data to be uploaded (price lists, vendor data and pricing, lookups, interchanges,...the list is long and comprehensive. As far as DOWNLOAD, one can query virtually any data and pull it down instantly in a .TXT format to be utilized in XLS or program of choice. The uses for this are endless and, for Centric Parts, incredibly productive.

Response and service, training and new release notes are all excellent. In fact, we had Cindy visit us for a week to tune up our IT team and power users and have since enjoyed a huge improvement in productivity.

Dan Lelchuk, President
Monarch Products

........."NexJen's ability to adapter their order entry module to changing business needs has given us the capacity to streamline personnel while still provide superior customer service." They helped me cut overhead and keep my customers happy"

......" the web integration features have allowed us real time instant reporting of credit card, shipping and tracking information. What previously took 5 to 10 minutes per order now takes seconds, ...now my people work far more efficiently"

......." Just the honor of working with Cindy Robbins makes purchasing the NexJen system worth it... regardless of the cost"

Randy Dennis, President
OffRoad Warehouse

I would like to first thank Chuck, yourself and the organization for the help and support you have given us over the last 9-10 years. There is never a perfect system especially for retail, however, this system has evolved into a highly effective tool that not only has increased profits, but productivity, inventory management etc.

We are in the business of Off Road parts, accessories and installation. We have been in business for over 32 years with multiple stores, and in the last 8, we have grown from a 4 million business to well over 13 million. We look forward to continued growth in business as well as continued development of our system with your organization.

Quality Bumper

I can't emphasize enough how beneficial your training session will be for this company. I must admit - I was apprehensive at first - knowing how cynical this group can be - but you quickly won them over. It was amazing to return mid-day the first day to see you in the audience and Craig sitting at the computer. You were doing a great job of facilitating their problem solving - allowing them to investigate real life scenarios. This session will help us to utilize the system more -- making us a more efficient organization -- thus reducing cost in the purchasing department and reducing the amount of inventory at all our locations. On Friday I received some positive feedback from the group regarding the training with the consensus being that it was wonderful. They are developing a plan to implement some changes utilizing the tools for which they now have a greater understanding.

Cindy, thanks again for a top-notch job - it was great.

Dave Morgan, General Manager
Levin’s Auto Supply

Levin's Auto Supply was started in 1920 by Mr. Bert Levin. In 1959, Paul Stanley purchased the company from Mr. Levin's widow and operated it from its original home of San Francisco ‘till 1972, when it was relocated to Hayward, CA where it remained’till 1981 when it was moved to Sacramento combining both the Hayward operation with a satellite facility operating in Sacramento, CA, where we remain to this day. Beginning January 1, 1999, Doug Stanley the youngest son of Paul, purchased Levin's outright from the family corporation and continues the operation of Levin's serving traditional automotive jobbers and wholesalers as well as grocery, drug and hardware retailers. Our coverage is centralized to Northern California with the San Francisco Bay Area remaining as a large core of our customer base, but we sell to all of California as well as Western Nevada and even deal in some international business.

Recently Levin’s had their annual customer show and Rick Proschold, Operations Manager for Levin’s, sent us this comment:

“…We had our annual customer show last Sunday, and what a success. It is amazing how easy it is with this system too... I just load the special show pricing in and we enter the orders to reprice and walla.... Done…”

In addition, we demo’d our on-line web ordering product to Rick & Doug Stanley, and Rick responded with:

“I think this will be a great addition to our offering to our customers.”

Rick Proschold, Operations Manager